Top 20 Tools for Creating Presentations: PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Canva and more

Top 20 Tools for Creating Presentations: PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Canva and more

Presentations are not just PowerPoint. There are many programs available for creating slides, and the sheer number and variety can be overwhelming. What are some alternatives to the most popular program? Here are the top 20 presentation software options.


1. Microsoft PowerPoint


The most popular presentation application in the world, it is part of the Microsoft Office suite and offers many features such as animations, graphics, video, and charts. Online presentations are also possible with PowerPoint Online. One of the main advantages of PowerPoint is ease of use, but some users feel it lacks innovation, such as in the case of Smart Art. However, PowerPoint's greatest advantage is its widespread use. When designing slides in PowerPoint, there is almost a hundred percent chance that anyone who receives the file can edit it without any problems.


2. Google Slides 

 google slides

A free alternative to PowerPoint that works in a web browser. It offers similar features to PowerPoint, although in a slightly limited range. A major plus is the easy sharing and collaboration on one file with other users. The ultra-modern and three-dimensional Diagrams (an alternative to the unimpressive Smart Art known from PowerPoint) are a hit. However, some of the convenience and keyboard shortcuts that are known from PowerPoint and significantly speed up work may be missing.


3. Keynote


An application created by Apple, available on macOS and iOS devices. Keynote allows for easy import of PowerPoint presentations and export of presentations in PowerPoint format. One disadvantage of Keynote is its unavailability on Windows computers. According to Apple fans, Keynote offers greater chances of creating more modern and aesthetic presentations. Of course, this is not true - good and bad presentations can be created in any software.


4. Prezi 

 prezi presentations

A platform for creating dynamic presentations that allows movement in a different way than the traditional slide-to-slide approach, but through zooming in and out. The key differentiator of Prezi, which is transitioning from topic to topic through zoom in and out, has already become somewhat outdated and does not impress so much as it used to a couple of years ago. One of Prezi's products, Prezi Video, is much more impressive. This is an additional product of the company that works with almost all online meeting platforms (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, etc.). What does this product offer? The ability to create video broadcasts with slides in a way that resembles a news program. This is possible because slides can slide in next to the presenter's silhouette. This is a significant innovation in the market because most online meeting platforms only allowed showing slides with the presenter in a small rectangle in the corner of the screen. Prezi Video is a step towards balancing these proportions, making the presenter as well-exposed as the slides.


5. Canva

 canva presentation tool

It is a graphic design platform that offers a simple interface and many ready-made templates, making it easy and fast to create aesthetic presentations. Canva also allows for the creation of infographics and other graphic materials. One of the advantages of Canva is its ease of use, but the drawback is the lack of advanced editing features. However, the possibilities of creating a simple yet standout presentation are enormous. Moreover, it can be downloaded not only in PDF but also in PPTX format.


6. Visme

 visme presentation tool

It is a platform for creating presentations, documents, infographics, animated videos, and many other visual materials. It somewhat resembles the Canva application, although it seems to offer fewer templates. However, what makes Visme stand out is its powerful AI engine, which helps create very successful interactive elements on slides. This makes it very easy to create impressive, dynamic slides in infographic format. Besides, Visme is one of my favorite applications for creating presentations that are an alternative to mainstream PowerPoint and Google Slides. And the best part is that ready-made presentations can be downloaded not only in PDF but also in PPTX format, which is a real rarity among such applications. This means that visually beautiful slides created in Visme can be transferred to our company's PowerPoint presentation. However, this option is only available in the paid version.


7. presentation tool

It is a platform for creating presentations with intelligent templates and AI design tools. It is one of my favorite applications for creating presentations. allows for designing beautiful presentations using a great AI engine that suggests many interesting graphics and animations. One of the main advantages of is ease of use and the aesthetic appeal of the templates, although it must be admitted that a more extensive library of ready-made templates and layout proposals would be useful. The advantage is the ability to download ready-made files in PPTX format. However, there is no such option in the free version.


8. Emaze

 emaze presentation tool

It is a tool for creating presentations using many special effects and animations. Emaze offers many ready-made templates but also allows for creating presentations from scratch. Many of the offered templates provide the ability to create interactive presentations reminiscent of Prezi presentations. The advantage is the ability to import presentations in PPTX or PDF format and then export them to many different formats. Emaze allows for creating not only presentations but also websites, e-learning materials, or online greeting cards. However, the ready-made templates could offer somewhat more modern layouts.


9. Zoho Show

 zoho show presentation tool

It is an application for creating presentations that offers many tools and features, such as image and graphic editing, animations, and integration with other tools in the Zoho suite. Zoho Show also enables real-time collaboration with other users. There are many ready-made not only slides, but also entire presentations grouped thematically that can be edited by overwriting the content. This allows us to be inspired by interesting ideas during the process of creating the presentation structure. An additional advantage is a very efficient application on a phone, so we can edit our presentations on both the computer and the smartphone. One of the disadvantages is a limited range of data visualization options.


10. Powtoon

 powtoon presentation tool

A platform for creating visual communication, such as animated presentations, videos, and infographics. Powtoon offers many ready-made templates and tools. The main characteristic of Powtoon's tools is animation and movement. The application offers many possibilities to create very dynamic presentations or explainer videos. The latter are created in the convention of cartoon characters that can be appropriately animated or in the convention of a hand that appears on the screen and creates appropriate illustrations. However, generating this type of animation requires getting acquainted with the program's extensive functionality, and that takes some time.


11. Slidebean 

 slidebean presentation tool

An application for creating presentations, mainly for the startup industry (i.e., so-called pitch decks). One of the main advantages of Slidebean is the possibility of using artificial intelligence to automatically design presentations. This involves entering the content, and then AI suggests us proposals for the graphic design of that content. It sounds quite good, although some users complain about the lack of control over the design process. After all, AI will not always be right to present a particular content in this way, not another way. Human intervention seems indispensable in many situations.


12. Pitch

 pitch presentation tool

A very good cloud application for creating presentations. There are plenty of beautiful templates to choose from, a simple and intuitive interface, and plenty of editing options. Therefore, it is one of the more interesting alternatives on the market for people looking for alternatives to mainstream products like PowerPoint or Keynote. The application was designed for teamwork, so it includes commenting features, and even notifications of changes made by coworkers. The Tidy feature is also very helpful as it allows users to automatically organize selected objects. Additionally, the app is quite affordable.


13. Flowvella 

 flowvella presentation tool

An application for creating presentations, mainly designed to be displayed on tablets. This is because of its interactive features that allow users to move through the presentation by sliding different elements on the slides. Thus, presentations created in Flowvella resemble those often displayed on touchscreens in museums or exhibitions.


14. Infogram

 infogram presentation tool

An application for creating infographics, slides, and data visualizations. Its major advantage is that users can upload files such as Excel or CSV, as well as integrate the application with a variety of different database tools. There are many templates to choose from, beautiful and aesthetic layout proposals, and plenty of animation possibilities. Users can share their completed presentations by sending a link, or download them as a PDF file.


15. PiktoChart

 piktochart presentation tool

An application similar to the popular Canva. Users can create presentations, infographics, reports, flyers, or social media materials. The application also allows users to upload their own video files and add animated effects, although users cannot create a full video explainer. However, this is not a drawback as the pre-made templates are impressive in their aesthetics and diversity. It is a real treat for design enthusiasts. Moreover, Piktochart allows users to download their completed presentations in pptx format.


16. Venngage

 venngage presentation tool

An application primarily for creating infographics. It contains a wealth of ready-made infographic templates, allowing users to browse through them, find a layout that suits their content, and then overwrite it with their data. In addition to this, the application offers the possibility of creating slides, reports, posters, flyers, social media graphics, or educational materials. The application is similar to the well-known Canva, but thanks to its lesser popularity, it gives users greater chances of creating unique materials.


17. Genially

 genially presentation tool

An application for creating presentations resembling a website. The presenter or recipient of the presentation (to whom the link was sent) can navigate through the presentation in an interactive way, clicking on a button, for example, and moving non-linearly to another section of the presentation. Interactivity in Genially also involves hovering the cursor over a particular object, which causes instructional text or an informational window to appear, just like on HTML pages. Users can create not only presentations but also infographics, video animations, or interactive images. It must be admitted that Genially's interactive presentations are impressive.


18. Moovly

 moovly presentation tool

An application for creating "hand animation videos," which means that individual animation elements are created as if drawn by a hand in real-time. It is not, therefore, an application for designing static slides. Nonetheless, it is so good among these types of tools that it's worth considering. A similar application is also Doodly.


19. Haiku Deck

haiku deck presentation

An application for creating minimalist presentations, available on iOS platforms and in a web version. Haiku Deck offers many ready-made templates and visualizations, as well as ease of use with your own photos and content. It is an interesting application for presenting simple and minimalist slides, but it does not offer many possibilities when presenting more advanced concepts in the form of complicated diagrams or charts.


20. SlideDog 


A program for creating presentations, or rather for combining many different presentation files into one playlist. SlideDog allows you to combine fragments of PowerPoint files, Prezi files, selected pages of PDF files, and other popular presentation applications. After creating a playlist, you can easily edit it.


Are these all the available programs for creating slides and presentations on the market? Absolutely not. But if you are looking for a new visual communication tool, you will certainly find an interesting proposal on this list.


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