PowerPoint Advanced Training Course

What will you learn during this training course? 


how to create slides

How to create aesthetic, modern and professional slides?

speed up the work on the presentation

What tricks should be used to speed up the work on the presentation?

make your presentation more persuasive and expressive

How to make your presentation more persuasive and expressive?

About the training course

Target group:

  • Managers
  • Specialists
  • Management staff
  • Business executives
  • Anyone creating presentations that don't meet modern professional standards

Training course topics

  • Aesthetic slides in line with modern trends
  • How to make slides look more professional
  • PowerPoint tricks to speed up your work
  • How to make the content of the presentation more engaging
  • How to make the presentation more persuasive


Contact: office@slideformation.com


I. Core principles of a good presentation


  • Examples of good and bad presentations
  • What to start your presentation with?
  • The most frequent mistakes in multimedia presentations
  • Structure of an effective presentation
  • Inevitable elements of good presentations
  • Storytelling


II. PowerPoint tricks


  • Examples of good and bad slides
  • Simple ways of improving the presentation's design
  • Graphic trends in presentation creation 
  • PowerPoint tricks to speed up the work
  • The 2-way secret to a great slide
  • How to effectively use charts and tables
  • Ways of creating slides that influence the recipient more
  • Images and icons - sources and formatting 


III. Inspirations


  • An interesting way to present and visualize data 
  • Step-by-step instructions towards a great slide
  • Modifying slides live


IV. Workshop


 Modifying participants' presentations with a coach's help





  • Training script
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Up to 180-day assistance in creating presentations

See what slides training participants will learn to create


Swipe left and right to compare the slide before and after the changes. 

Our goal is not to turn participants into graphic wizards. Our goal is for managers participating
in the training to learn how to create simple, understandable and modern slides.
And to let them be able to create slide decks really quickly.

Customized PowerPoint Training Course with Tailored Template

Our bespoke PowerPoint training courses are designed to meet the specific needs of your company, with tailored course content to ensure that your employees learn the skills they need to create effective and engaging presentations. We understand that every business has its unique presentation requirements, which is why our expert trainer uses your company's presentation template to demonstrate a range of slide examples. With our customized PowerPoint training course, your team will be equipped with the tools they need to confidently and professionally deliver presentations that impress and inspire.

Trainer specializing in presentation training

Piotr Garlej - ekspert od prezentacji

Piotr Garlej


  • Presentation expert
  • Practitioner with nearly 100 presentations per year
  • Founder of SlideFormation
  • Expert in PowerPoint, Google Slides, presentations, communications and storytelling
  • Experienced coach and academic lecturer
  • Pitch deck mentor at Founder Institute, world's largest pre-seed start up accelerator
  • Author of the book "Effective Presentations step-by-step" available on Amazon (5/5 stars)
  • Creates presentations with his team for companies such as HSBC, Nestle, Mars, Netia, Credit Agricole, and many other brands

Watch a video to see Piotr Garlej's rules of business presentations

<h2>International experience</h2>

International experience

As SlideFormation we have experience in creating presentations for companies from all over the world, and our training participants are international teams. Our PowerPoint training receives excellent reviews from all over the world.

Price and organisational details

The training consists of two stages:

1. Online course Professional PowerPoint Presentation available HERE

2. Training workshop 4h


Price: from USD 390 net per person

2-day training option possible:

Day I – training in accordance to the above agenda

Day II – extended workshops


Closed training courses for companies are priced on a case-by-case basis. Please ask for details:


Watch the excerpt from my online course Professional PowerPoint Presentations

For better listening experience, the voiceover in my online course has been recorded by a professional American narrator.

BTW, if you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel yet,
please go HERE> and watch more videos on professional presentations.

What does this PowerPoint training offer?

Knowledge from practice

First of all, it is led by a practitioner who professionally deals with presentations. Presentations are Piotr Garlej's bread and butter - as the founder of the SlideFormation, he deals with them every day, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Sometimes longer, sometimes on weekends. He understands the pitfalls of weak presentations and how, with really simple means, you can turn complicated, unclear and messy slides into simple, clear, and aesthetic ones.


Quickly and modernly

Secondly, we focus on participants learning to create modern presentations and learning to create them quickly. Modern means that they will be visually attractive, up-to-date, and engaging for the audience. Quickly means that we will show you how to create slides without wasting time on unnecessary details, such as old-fashioned graphics that do not add value to the presentation.


Mentoring Program

Thirdly, we treat each of our presentation training as a process. We don't believe in the effectiveness of one-day training sessions, which is why each participant is enrolled in a mentoring program for six months. This means that after the training, they can send their presentations to the trainer, who will provide guidance on what else can be improved in the presentation. This way, we guarantee that anyone who truly wants to become a presentation master has everything they need to become one.



Contact me for a customized offer tailored to your specific needs:


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