How to Make Custom Shapes for Pictures in PowerPoint

How to Make Custom Shapes for Pictures in PowerPoint

Inserting images into unconventional shapes is a quite successful way to create intriguing slides. In the video below, you will find a tutorial on how to make such interesting shapes.

The whole secret lies in creating a set of appropriate shapes and then inserting them into Slide Master. There, it's enough to:

  • Insert a picture placeholder so that it completely covers the inserted shapes.
  • Send the placeholder to the back.
  • Unify shapes using the options from the Format Shape tab: Merge Shapes > Union.
  • Then, select the placeholder first and then the unified shapes.
  • Go to the Format Shape tab, expand the Merge Shapes option, and choose Intersect.
  • Return to your presentation's working mode.

Choose a new slide with the newly inserted customized shape for a picture, click on the center icon of the placeholder, and then select the appropriate image from your computer folder. From now on, your PowerPoint presentation slide will captivate your audience's attention.

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