How to Deliver a Successful Presentation: Lessons Learned from Google's Live Event Paris 2023

How to Deliver a Successful Presentation: Lessons Learned from Google's Live Event Paris 2023

Recently, Google held a live event that received criticism from the press and social media. Despite this, it was a well-prepared and smooth presentation. Instead of focusing on the negative feedback, let's take a closer look at the lessons that can be learned from Google's presentation.


1. Context Matters

During the presentation, Prabhakar Raghavan made references to Paris, where the event took place. He mentioned his favorite mathematician Blaise Pascal, who lived in Paris, and demonstrated a new AI feature on Google Maps using a Parisian street. By incorporating local references, you can make your presentation more relatable and engaging.

Another example was when Raghavan talked about adding 24 languages to Google Translate. He said: "300 million people speak these newly added languages, which is roughly equivalent to bringing translation to the entire United States." The lesson here is not to tell your story out of the blue. There is always some context that might be helpful to make it an element of a bigger picture.


2. Preparation is Key

Preparation is key to any successful presentation. The speakers at the Google event were confident and well-prepared, resulting in a smooth delivery. This is the result of hours of rehearsals, not just natural talent. Practice makes perfect, so ensure that you prepare extensively before delivering your presentation.


3. Grace and Humor

Even if you're well-prepared, there's still a chance that something might go wrong. This is what happened during the Google event when one of the speakers, Liz Reid, couldn't find her phone during a live demo. Instead of ignoring the mistake, she admitted it and promised to show the demo later in the Q&A session. Raghavan even joked that they would have to figure out who stole her phone. It's important to keep your composure and handle any mistakes with grace and humor.


4. Sound Bites are Memorable

Slides should contain headlines and memorable, concise messages that can spread on social media. During the Google event, the speakers used sound bites such as "Camera is a New Keyboard," "NORA - No One Right Answer," and "Making sense of information visually." These sound bites help to capture the audience's attention and reinforce key points.


5. Diversity and Engagement

To keep the audience engaged, presentations should include diverse content, speakers, and a variety of presentation tools. The Google event had four speakers - two men and two women - and over 100 slides with a mix of headlines, images, videos, animations, and live demos. Diversity in presentations can help to keep the audience engaged and make the presentation more relatable.


6. Keep it Short

The Google presentation lasted only 40 minutes, but it conveyed a lot of information. This shows that a well-prepared, concise presentation can be effective. Ensure that you keep your presentation short and to the point, as this will help to keep the audience engaged and prevent them from becoming bored.


In conclusion, by considering the context, preparing well, keeping composure, using sound bites, diversifying content, and keeping presentations short, you can deliver successful presentations that engage your audience and reinforce your key messages. By implementing these strategies, you can create a memorable presentation that will resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression.


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And here's the whole video of the event:

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