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What do we teach in the PowerPoint presentations training?

Professional PowerPoint training course is practical training for creating business PowerPoint presentations. It is intended for managers and specialists who know at least the basics of the program.


Participants in PowerPoint presentation training acquire skills that allow them to create effective and aesthetic presentations. The PowerPoint training we offer allows participants to create modern and fully professional presentations in the future.


During the training, we point out which mistakes to avoid and which stylistics to abandon, considered outdated, so that presentations are adapted to the current visual standards applicable in professional business communication.


Professional PowerPoint presentation training is also an opportunity to learn about current trends in presentation design and to see numerous exemplary slides.

Who is the PowerPoint training for beginners for?

PowerPoint training for beginners is training intended for people who are just starting to work with the program or who have never dealt with it before.


PowerPoint training in this area focuses on purely technical aspects of creating presentations. Participants in PowerPoint presentation training acquire the skills to independently use the program, create slides, format individual graphic elements, and perform all procedures necessary to create a good presentation.


All of our PowerPoint presentation training is conducted by an experienced practitioner who explains all aspects related to working in PowerPoint in a simple and accessible way.


Numerous but short exercises introduced during the training allow the material to be assimilated in a natural way.

What will you learn in the public speaking training course?

The training for public speaking and self-presentation is intended for people who want to acquire practical skills for speaking in front of an audience. The training is divided into two segments: a general part and a practical part. In the general part, participants in the training learn general principles, such as how to prepare for a speech, how to overcome stress, and how to formulate statements and which tools and techniques to use to make the presentation as effective as possible. In this part, we devote a lot of time to issues such as gesturing, overcoming stage fright, ways to build good relationships with audiences, and many others.


In the practical part, each participant speaks in front of a camera and delivers their presentation. After the speech, participants receive feedback on what needs to be improved, what the strengths and weaknesses were. The trainer also provides recommendations for exercises that will help achieve maximum effectiveness in public speaking.

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