Copilot in PowerPoint: will AI now create presentations for us?

Copilot in PowerPoint: will AI now create presentations for us?

Microsoft has just rolled out Copilot for both home and business users. As the SlideFormation team, we've had the opportunity to test this service. What are our impressions? Check out our video where we explain the basics of using this tool.


We'll let you in on a secret – it delivers some great effects. However, it doesn't provide a magical solution where a single prompt creates an entire presentation from A to Z. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.


Copilot aids in preparing presentation content, but it requires verification, completion, improvement, and ultimately refinement of its visual form.


Copilot and Designer, two AI engines in PowerPoint, have several advantages. However, they won't magically create presentations without our effort. They are aids – helpful but not autonomous.


For clarity, Copilot, a recently introduced Office feature, functions similarly to Chat GPT in generating content. In contrast, Designer, available in PowerPoint for years, automatically suggests various layouts for selected slides.


To see how Copilot works in creating PowerPoint presentations (as well as how Designer operates), watch the video below.


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