Changes in the Office suite. New font and new colours

Changes in the Office suite. New font and new colours

The Office suite has just undergone several significant visual changes. The previous default font, Calibri, has been replaced by the Aptos font, and changes have also been made to the color palette.


New font in Office

New Font in Office Are these changes for the better? In my opinion, yes. Calibri has served its time and rightfully retires.

I must admit, I've never been a fan of the Calibri font. Similarly to other commonly used fonts like Arial or Times New Roman. Why? Simply because they were (and still are) too ubiquitous.

Unfortunately, in recent years, I've seen thousands of presentations. About 90% of them had either Calibri or Arial fonts. If Calibri was used, it probably meant that the presentation creator didn't put much effort and lazily relied on the default font. However, just changing this font could give a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Yes, fonts play an important role in impression. We look at presentation slides and feel whether it's modern or outdated. Fonts play a huge role in building this impression. Hence, we should forget about retro fonts like Comic Sans or Times New Roman. The latter font is a serif font. Meaning it has serifs, small lines at the ends of letters. Serifs give the impression that the font is classic, traditional, but also outdated. Examples of serif fonts besides Times New Roman are Book Antiqua, Palatino Linotype, or Cambria.

Sans-serif fonts are considered more modern. They are common on websites, while serif fonts dominate in print. This gives both types of fonts an impression: sans-serif fonts are modern, serif fonts are old-school.

The new default font in the Office package - Aptos - is a sans-serif font. Like Calibri. However, Aptos is visually much more interesting. Therefore, changing the font in Office is a huge step towards better design. At least until it becomes as common (and therefore mundane) as Calibri.


New Color Scheme in Office

Along with the font change, the colors in the top row of color palettes in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook have changed. Is this change for the better?

Let's compare:

Here my answer is similar to above. The change is for the better, at least until the new colors become too commonly used and become tiresome.

Nevertheless, I expect that in the near future - thanks to the new default font and color palette - presentations created in PowerPoint will look slightly better.


Piotr Garlej

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